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Recipe: Turmeric Golden Milk


Delicious and loaded with health benefits, Turmeric Golden Milk is a warm beverage that should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Whether you’re looking to reduce inflammation, relieve arthritis pain, soothe digestive upset, or speed healing, warm turmeric Golden Milk is the way to go!

You can also add other herbs or spices as well as a hint of sweetness to taste. Here is a quick recipe. 

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  • 2 cups milk (You may replace with dairy alternatives) 
  • 1 teaspoon Bloom Organic Turmeric Powder
  • ground cinnamon (as per taste)
  • Pinch black pepper, freshly ground


  • Combine the milk, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper in a blender.
  • Blend on high speed for 30 to 60 seconds until smooth and well combined.
  • Pour the liquid into a saucepan and set it to medium heat.
  • Heat the liquid until steaming – but not boiling – then pour into a mug to serve.
  • Optional: Sweeten with honey. Flavour with ginger or a pinch of cayenne.


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