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Recipe: Mung Dal Sprouts

Recipe: Mung Dal Sprouts


Consider the 2:1 ratio. Sprouted  seeds will weigh 2 times the volume of seeds you start with.

- 1 cup of Bloom Organic Mung Whole
- water as needed

1. Take one cup of the mung whole and thoroughly rinse.
2. Once rinsed, soak in a bowl or container for 8-10 hours.
3. After 8-10 hours have passed, rinse thoroughly again.
4. Once rinsed, place in a clean cotton cloth or muslin cloth and tighten a knot around the mung whole.
5. Keep in a container and cover with a plate. Leave it undisturbed in a warm and dark place until they sprout. This process can take a day or two.
6. If in a day you find the mung whole has not sprouted, sprinkle a little bit of water to ensure they stay moist and repeat step 5.
7. Once the mung has sprouted, refrigerate and use for up to 5 days. These can be added to salads for an extra boost of protein or enjoyed plain as a snack!