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Recipe: Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds

Step by step instructions on how to sprout fenugreek seeds.

Serving size: Consider the 4:1 ratio. Sprouted fenugreek seeds will weigh 4 times the volume of seeds you start with.

- ½ cup Bloom Organic Fenugreek Seeds
- water for rinsing and soaking

1. Day 1: Rinse and soak ½ cup fenugreek seeds for 24 hours. Make sure seeds are entirely submerged in the
2. Day 2: Rinse seeds with water thoroughly and soak again for 24 hours.
3. Day 3: Rinse seeds with water thoroughly by placing in a sieve. Once the seeds have been rinsed, place
the sieve with seeds inside in a dark place and cover with a damp cloth.
4. Day 4: Repeat step 3
5. Day 5: You will see that the fenugreek seeds have sprouted. If all the seeds have not sprouted yet, repeat
step 3 one more time.
6. Once your seeds have sprouted, rinse well and dry. You can store these sprouted fenugreek seeds for up
to 10 days in your refrigerator.
7. Enjoy by adding it to salads or as a side dish to any meal!