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Is There a Secret to Good Health?


It feels like summer and that is, for Canadians like us, (apologies to those of you reading this from other geographical areas suffering heat waves), it is great news. We have had a long winter and added to that was the looming cloud of ‘variants’ ready to pounce on us. Yes, the risk is still there, but people are better prepared, both mentally and physically. Of course, there cannot one without the other. Both go together.

I would like to believe that Bloom fits right into this scenario as more and more people are beginning to look for and adopt healthy living options. We are touched by some of the comments that we receive both personally as well as through social media, complimenting us on the nature of our business. Don’t stop, keep them coming. For us it is pure organic music to our ears.

I do get asked, not as often as I would like (!), ‘you look good, what’s the secret?’ Of course, I assume they are referring to my overall healthy appearance, and not my ace. A few of us are blessed with the good look genes, like Brad Pitt or Katrina Kaif. Others who live a healthy and busy life do acquire an aura that sometimes can stand in for good looks! In my modesty, I would like to believe that I fall in the latter category rather than the first though Anita, my partner, might not agree!

Those who know me personally know the ‘secret.’ Asking me about the secret to look healthy is only a fun way to begin the conversation. Those who don’t know us and still say these nice things, we take it as a recognition of what we do at Bloom Organic Bazaar. 

The most important thing I do today is to be mindful of what I eat. There is no longer any doubt in expert circles that the huge spikes that we see today in certain chronic conditions are lifestyle induced. Poor lifestyle choices, food being the No.1 culprit, are associated with a whole host of diseases. This is not my discovery; this is the wisdom of the ages that the current healthcare community has accepted. 

To quote a Greek sage/physician, Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, “Let food be thy medicine.’ A similar sentiment is expressed in the ancient Indian health science of Ayurveda about the pivotal role that ‘ahaar’ (diet) plays in maintaining health and wellness. We will talk about the difference between the two in a later instalment.

Why have we forgotten or ignored these common sensical wisdom in modern times? It is not for me to go into the socioeconomic changes that have happened in a century, but definitely, what we consume as food isn’t as wholesome as in the time of our grandparents. And you can see the tragic rise in chronic conditions around the world.


We have no more excuses not to try to walk a different and wiser path. Because you cannot make a lack of availability of wholesome food as an excuse. Look at the Bloom’s own range of products on offer. We have almost every item that goes to make a wholesome meal, chemicals free and nutritious, from major staples like MP Sharbati atta to dals to masalas to even a plastics-free salt all the way from the deserts of Rajasthan.

It does not all have to be done at once. In fact, it is better that you adopt the incremental approach to organic living – one ingredient at a time. Gradually avoid loading your system with chemicals and increase the goodness of natural foods. You will not regret it I promise you. Who knows, the next time you will be the one that gets asked “What is the secret of your glow?” When that happens, don’t forget to send us a thank you note!


Sunil Kalra
CEO, Bloom Organic Bazaar
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