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Bloom Celebrates 10 Years of Health and Happiness

Did you know that it has been almost ten years since we started on this journey together? Most of you who are reading this joined us at various stages of your lives, and for us each sign on, each purchase, and each encouraging comment from you has been like wind at our back, taking Bloom Organic Bazaar forward to where we are.



I remember the day when my wife, Anita, who is the ‘boss’ as we say back home and the co-founder of Bloom Organic Bazaar, quite frustrated with a chronic health issue that I suffered from, suggested a regime change to organic. Having tried almost everything else without success, I was ready to embrace her suggestion. The outcome surprised both of us. The symptoms started disappearing in a brief period of few months, I felt so much better about myself, my family and the world in general.

It was against this happy backdrop that one evening, Anita and I, struck upon a business idea. Why not bring this message to a whole lot more people by launching a platform where organic products can be sourced that suit the dietary needs of the South Asian population here? There was no one company focused on this particular segment of Canadian population, talking to them on the health benefits of organic living.

From day one, Bloom Organic Bazaar, was not just a business idea, but a mission for us. As you are perhaps aware, South Asians are disproportionately affected when it comes to certain chronic health conditions, often attributed to poor lifestyle choices. Today, it is accepted by a majority of experts that healthy choices, especially in the foods that sustain us, have a huge role to play in maintaining good health. Bloom wanted to be that company that offered our customers that choice.

We began on a small scale, testing the waters, as both the company and our targeted customers, were breaking new ground. Soon, we realized that we had the support and blessings of a large number of people, to carry the mission forward. So here we are talking to you as we celebrate our tenth anniversary.

Starting The Message from the CEO is a tenth anniversary addition to our overall communication exercise. This will be a weekly feature of our efforts to take you into our confidence on all matters regarding Bloom and its organic outreach. From the beginning, we have always been keen to be as transparent as possible in our business. We knew that earning your trust was paramount to the success of Bloom Organic Bazaar. Our hope is that this becomes a two-way dialogue between us where you feel free to express your own views, frankly.

You will have noticed that the products that we offer, either from Bloom brand or our partners, always carry the stamp of approval from relevant agencies that are empowered to certify the products and their claims. It has not been easy to earn this level of authority for our products. We have to make sure what you get after traveling through a long supply chain, are verified at every turn in its journey to Canada. From the great sunlit farms of central India to the internationally approved processing plants situated in India, to the hands of the very thorough oversight agencies in Canada, we are proud to stand behind our products as authentic, certified either as pure organic or natural.

Bloom collaborates with many partners in India and elsewhere. Each of us are committed to not only the products that we put our names to, but also the people that make it happen – above all the farmers without whose commitment to the organic way of growing our food, we will not be in this business. So, when you buy any of our Bloom Organic Bazaar products, you can be assured that you are not only getting quality, but your participation helps to uplift the lives of hundreds of thousands of farming families.

How do we say ‘thank you’ to so many of you who have stayed on track with us on this journey? You can expect several Special Offers, as a part of our 10th Anniversary Celebrations, which would continue through the year ahead. So, make sure to sign on to this newsletter to stay up to date on Bloom offers as well as news from the organic world, which may be critical to healthy living.

Once again, thank you and welcome to another decade in the life of Bloom Organic Bazaar.


Sunil Kalra
CEO, Bloom Organic Bazaar
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