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Back to Basics Recipe: Besan Ke Ladoo (Made with Jaggery)

Indian festivals are incomplete without Ladoos. There are many types of Ladoos but Besan Ke Ladoo is a traditional and one the most popular Indian sweet. Made with gram flour, ghee, jaggery this dessert requires only a handful of ingredients but tastes amazing! The actual recipe is fairly easy but the roasting part should be done carefully. 

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Easy Instant Pot Chana Pulao Recipe (Chickpeas Rice )

    Chana pulao is a one-pot spiced, fragrant and delish chickpea rice made with fragrant basmati rice, white chickpeas, coconut milk and bold spices. This Indian chickpea rice makes for a filling, comforting and satisfying meal.  This incredibly easy, delicious dish is perfect for a weeknight dinner and yet elegant enough to serve at a get together with guests. You can make this dish on the stovetop but I love making it in my Instant Pot.   I am using Organic Pure Basmati Rice by  Bloom Organic. It is naturally gluten-free and vegetarian dish that everybody in my family loves and craves for every now and then!  INGREDIENTS 2 cups long grain organic basmati rice 2 tbsp Ghee (or you...

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[Back to Basics] Recipe: Dhokla

DHOKLA High protein and low-calorie snack! Recipe by:- Anjali Dua PREP TIME: 20-25 minsCOOK TIME: 25 minsTOTAL TIME: 45-50 mins  Servings:  2 Cups (or 15-20 Squares) Disclaimer:  Whenever I have guest coming over or when my family wants to have some snack for those mid-meal binge times, I am always thinking about what can I make that is low-calorie, nutrient-rich and yet is delicious for my family to enjoy. Earlier today, I was brainstorming some healthy (of course) and nutrient-rich snacks which is easy to prepare. I immediately thought of Dhokla. My family loves Dhokla and given how easy it is to prepare, it certainly gets extra points. Instead of keeping it to myself, I'd love to share the recipe with all...

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[Back to Basics] Recipe: Mung Bean Hummus

MUNG BEAN HUMMUS Recipe by:- Chavi Morawiec PREP TIME: 15 MINSCOOK TIME: 10 MINSTOTAL TIME: 25 MINS Servings: 2 CupsDisclaimer: This recipe contains nuts. Mung Bean Hummus is a delicious, healthy bean dip that’s a great alternative to traditional chickpea hummus. I love this recipe because it quick and easy and also because it is packed with nutrition. If you have a bag of mung beans kicking around your cupboard and don’t know what to do with them, then fire up your food processor and let’s make some hummus already. Since I love this recipe, I actually keep some cooked lentils aside whenever I am making my Mung Daal Curry. The weather has been hotter than normal lately, and my toddler didn’t...

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