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Pranayama to Boost Breast Health

Can you breathe your way into super breast health? Breathing techniques recommended in the ancient Indian health science of yoga hold out promise as more evidence becomes available on the numerous beneficial ways Pranayama impacts breast health.

Did you know yoga and breathing can affect breast health? The relationship between breast health and the practice of yoga and specific Ayurvedic breathing or pranayama techniques has been well established.

Benefits of Pranayama

  1. Increased tissue oxygen saturation
  2. Decreased blood lactate
  3. Apoptosis: healthy timed cell death
  4. Lengthened telomeres: a marker of less stress and longevity
  5. Significant increase in total antioxidants

Many studies find both yoga and pranayama lead to significant increase in oxygen saturation. Modern humans are overly efficient in breathing oxygen, but chronically inefficient in maintaining necessary levels of carbon dioxide. In fact, 75% of the oxygen we breath in, we breathe right out, unused.

Quick, shallow, overzealous mouth breathing exhales CO2, when actually higher levels are needed to saturate the tissues with oxygen. When CO2 stays low, due to overbreathing oxygen, oxygen stays in the blood, bound to hemoglobin, and never reaches the tissues, which can lead to tissue hypoxia. Ayurvedic breathing techniques have been shown to reverse this imbalance of CO2 and oxygen.

Other studies on pranayama breathing techniques demonstrate significant improvements.

Role Of The Lymphatic System In Breast Health
Breath Retention (Intermittent Hypoxia) Benefits
Breath-lymph Connection
Role Of The Diaphragm In Breast Health
Results Of Inspiratory Muscle Training (Pratiloma)
Studies On Breathing For Breast Health


Source: LifeSpa
Article: Pranayama for Breast Health
Written By: Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP

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