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May the Power of Organic Living be with You in 2022!

It’s customary at this time of the year for many people to adopt resolutions that, sadly, most people will not be able to keep for the rest of the year. That’s human nature. We get carried away by other people’s ideas and successes that we want to make ours. But we lack the necessary will to carry it through. 

Losing Weight (capital W!) will forever rank as the No.1 wish/resolution of a whole generation fed on industrially manufactured food for a lifetime. And yet, a majority of them look for solutions again from the industrial/corporate sector. Isn’t that contradictory? It would certainly seem so. And yet why do so many fall into this trap time and time again? Again, when you’re fed on a diet of lies all your life, it’s very difficult to wean yourself away from a fully conditioned lifestyle.

Excepting those cases where rare physiological/genetic conditions dictate the uncontrolled growth of fat cells, normally, people put on extra weight due to their poor lifestyle, and most of it from what they consume. Fortunately, there are any number of alternate healthier lifestyles available. If only most of the population embraced it and rejected the fancy and expensive lose-weight programs, we would all be in a much better shape than we are in today. 

We at Bloom Organic Bazaar have only one message this season – eat healthy. To quote an ancient sage, the best medicine for your body is the wholesome food choices you make.

8 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Here are some suggestions for the new year. No pressure, just suggestions!

  1. Buy organic wherever possible. Yes, this is slightly more expensive at the end of the day. But the huge savings by way of better health that you achieve, is priceless. Did you know some of the mass-produced foods are even bad for your mind let alone your body?
  2. If you’re already a believer/practitioner of the organic way of life, don’t make it your little secret. Take it to your family/friends and to the rest of the world now that you have the power of the digital platforms at your fingertips.
  3. Educate yourself on the organic way of life. There are plenty of resources available on the net. True many of them might be selling a product or two. But there are very principled, honest, and most importantly, qualified experts who speak on the subjects with authority. When you hear an expert on the benefits of herbal juices on controlling sugar without the side effects of modern medicine, do not just take their word for it. Search the net for further proof. Yes, you will definitely find the proof you’re looking for.
  4. Make your personal contribution to fighting climate change. It’s fashionable to focus on just one area of carbon producing industries in the context of climate change – it gets more media attention. And yet, a good one third of the harm we are doing to the planet comes from modern farming practices that degrade the soil and releases harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. Choose food grown in organic farms. Save yourself, save the planet.
  5. Drink organic herbal teas through the year. Start in the cold months of January. Though there is no scientific data available for it, the Chinese population is among the least affected by the obesity epidemic. And they have been drinking the warm light tea for thousands of years. Keep a pot or flask full and sip from it through the day. Improve your mood and digestion and confirm if it’s impacting favourably on your weight! Herbal teas are an acquired taste. So, stick with it for a few weeks, till you reach a stage when any other teas, especially with milk and sugar, will taste awful. 
  6. Avoid eating these mass-produced fruits as much as possible – apples, grapes, peaches, cherries and pears. They rank very high among the most chemically contaminated fruits. Buy organic substitutes whenever possible.
  7. Look for the organic substitutes of the three leafy greens, universally accepted for their vitamin and nutrient contents – kale, spinach and celery. In recent years, these vegetables have attained cult status for their health benefits. Unfortunately, they are also among the culprits for arriving on your plate loaded with chemicals.
  8.  Last but not the least - do not do any of the above as though you’re under a gun. Relax, when you fail (and you will) get back into the program with a natural stress-free state of mind. It might take a little longer, but that way, it will last a lifetime. 

All of us at Bloom Team wish you a very very healthy and happy New Year!


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