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Bloom Holiday Shopping Guide!

Most of you are ready for a week of celebration starting this Monday and, in most cases, lasting till the morning after New Year’s Eve. Well, this is as it must be. Nothing like letting all that hair down for a long stint of destressing. After a year of hard work, you’ve earned it. Naturally, this is also the week, most of us drop the rules. The rules of good healthy living that is! It’s also called cheating. There is no need to panic or descend into a guilt trip. The best of us, the most disciplined, do give in to our temptations occasionally. When you do it mindfully, though, you know you have an advantage; it’s like you’re telling yourself – I got this! I am not going to be silly for the rest of the year.

We at Bloom Organic Bazaar have prepared a daily calendar for you. They are suggestions in good humour (take it or leave it though we would rather you take it!), keeping with the spirit of the season.

Stock up because, this week, either you’re going to very busy or the stores are going to be impossible. So we suggest a trip to the grocery stores where we are or click on www.bloomorganicbazaar.com.  Most stores are open till late. But in case you’re late, order online. Sadly, this is also the week when packages arrive late due to high traffic volumes. Don’t depend on quick delivery if it’s something you need by tomorrow. What should you be buying? If you have not prepared a list of organic items let’s help you fill in the check list.

Atta Tuesday

Start the day by getting home the very delicious, and super healthy, Bloom Sharbati whole wheat atta. This is the only organic version of the world-famous sharbati atta that is available in Canada. Chapatis or roti/paratha made with Bloom sharbati atta is a perfect companion to a good chicken curry or a tadka dal or both!

Wednesday Colours

Of course, today is a holiday (Christmas) and you’re busy trying to celebrate it in a way that would make it a day of giving and family fun. Most likely you’re not going out today. So why not take this opportunity to order something online. Something that you can prepare to do over the weekend preceding New Year. How about colouring your hair in an entirely new shade? You know we have twelve colours to choose from the pure organic Cultivator’s range. Wine Red, to Dark Brown to Black. Even Indigo if you’re really into a big change. These hair colours are among the most popular organic colours sold in Europe currently. They are getting very popular in N. America too. We have made it available on amazon.ca as well as on our website. At $21.99, pick a colour and get it shipped home. One box is good enough for two or three applications depending on the length of hair.

Herbal Thursday

It’s Boxing Day and the sales fever is on. Everyone is in your face with the best offers, and ‘lowest’ prices of the year. Yes, some of them are worth taking a look. We do not have any special offer to make. We stay pretty reasonable right through the year. Most of our loyal clients know that Bloom products are value for money. Why not use today to be a good Samaritan to somebody else? You have someone in your friends circle you know are having issues with high sugar levels, intestinal related ailments or even general lack of immunity. The Bloom range of herbal juices are without a question one of the most effective and trustworthy brands in an otherwise crowded field. What makes them unique are that they are pure organic and monitored by certifying agencies along the entire supply chain from farm to the BPA free bottles they are packaged. 

Add Some Salt to this Friday!

School is out but a working day, nonetheless. Get home and watch some TV and relax. We get that. But if you’ve a little time, check out the Lunn salt range. They are extra pure, extracted from the pristine deserts of Rajasthan and hence free of microplastics. The way we have been abusing our oceans have had such a devastating effect that the salts made from them (over 95% of the world consumption) is polluted with microplastics. The long-term implications of ingesting the tiny invisible particles on the human body is being studied. One thing is for sure – nothing good can come out by eating plastic! Lunn gourmet salts are available in pouches, bags, and reusable grinders. They are an excellent gift items to show you care!

An Easy Saturday

Take a break from cooking. By that we don’t mean order out pizzas. Of course, sometimes, you can’t help it, you must give in to majority. All we are saying is that try some of our Waah Ready to Eats. There is a dish to meet every palate, and according to popular opinion, every bit tastes like how grandma makes it at home. The Waah range include Dal Makhni, Dal Tadka, Chana Masala, Vegetable Biryani, Rajma Masala and Vegetable Pulao. Every ingredient that has gone into the preparation of these heat and eat dishes comes from strictly organic sources. 

Aromatic Sunday

Don’t forget; You’ve the hair colour of choice in hand. What better day to treat your hair with some TLC? But that doesn’t have to take the whole day. Go ahead and stock up on some of the most flavourful spices you can get on the planet. Bloom range of spices suitable for everyday cooking is exactly what it says it is – pure organic. You get just the real stuff, nothing unwanted go into these high-tech packages meant to preserve its qualities. Bloom range covers the nine most commonly used spices – from chili powder to turmeric to mustard seeds. Not to leave out the extra special bag of amchur powder, the secret taste maker in many recipes. Buy a bunch and gift wrap them for a friend. They will remember you every time the aroma of Bloom spices fills their kitchen.

Monday on the Boil

Make it a grainy Monday. We don’t know if it’s going to rain or snow. But a good day to take stock of the grocery needs for the coming month. If it’s not already in your jar, we highly recommend Bloom’s pure organic basmati rice (available in white and brown). Not to mention the kids. They will be back in school soon. And you love them. And you want them to be healthy happy kids. Send them off after a tasty breakfast made from the pure organic dalia or poha. Recipes easily available on the net if some of you are wondering what they are! Dalia for example contains all eight essential amino acids vital to the growth and development of children.

Toor Dal Tuesday

We wouldn’t grudge it if you’ve been gorging on those chocolates and drinks more than normal this past week. And tonight, is going to be worse. We said we are okay with a little bit of cheating, didn’t we! But now let’s take a pause, leave the next few weeks for cleansing with simple fare. What can be simpler than the good old dal roti? We have a terrific choice of sixteen varieties of Bloom lentils and beans. They are fully certified by Canada Organic and USDA. Once you experience the natural taste of a Bloom masoor or chana dal, there is little chance that you will go back to a non-organic alternative. For those of you who insist on weeding out the chemicals from your daily food, switching to Bloom lentils and beans is a smart way to start the new year. Actually, make that your No. 1 New Year’s Resolution. 

Happy Holidays!

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