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Lentil Vs. Meat

Going #MeatlessMondays but concerned about proteins?

Well, lentils make a great substitute for meat in a lot of recipes, because they are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Lentils are more nutrient-dense than beef, providing vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber while containing less fat and fewer calories. Gram-for-gram, lentils have more protein than beef.
1. Lentils aid in digestion
2. Lentils promote a healthy heart
3. Lentils stimulate and maintain muscle mass
4. lentils facilitate weight loss
5. Lentils support a healthier pregnancy
❇️ Use about 3/4 cup raw lentils, cooked, in place of a pound of ground beef.
❇️ Cook your lentils in unsalted water (or other liquid), otherwise they may not soften.
❇️ Lentils are moister. Consider reducing the liquid in your recipe by about 1/4 cup, or add it slowly until you get the right amount.
❇️ Lentils will get mushy and disintegrate if cooked for too long, so consider cooking them separately and then adding them at the end.
❇️ You may need to punch up the flavoring in your recipe by adding extra spices, salt, and using vegetable broth in place of water.

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