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Dalia: 10 Facts You Must Know About this Super Food

The name doesn’t need any introduction for those coming from the northern regions of India. It has been a staple in their diet for millennia. Simply put, it’s coarsely ground wheat, often referred to in English as broken or cracked wheat. A versatile base to make all kinds of dishes, like khichdi, upma or even porridge, its health benefits are well known. If you want to just take in the taste and health benefits and avoid the contaminants that come with modern farming of wheat, then try an organic version of dalia like the one available on Bloom.

Why Dalia Is So Good?

1. Because it’s coarsely ground, and not refined, Dalia retains beneficial fibre that is lost on highly refined grains. A half cup of dalia has nearly 1.3 g of fibre which help regulate sugar spikes among people diagnosed with diabetes. 

2. Extremely abundant in iron content, dalia helps with chronic fatigue as the rich iron helps in the smooth transmission of oxygen and nutrients via the blood vessels.

3. Dalia is a good alternative for those who may lack in protein intake due to personal lifestyle preferences like vegan or vegetarian diet. Each half cup of dalia packs over 6 grams of pure protein that aids in building muscles and reducing fat accumulation.

4. Magnesium, the nutrient that is so vital to maintaining proper heart health, is found in good quantities in each portion of dalia. Magnesium which is present in sufficient levels in leafy vegetables and nuts are not easily found in most other staple grains.

5. Dalia comes loaded with the Vitamin B constituents - thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin or B1 B2 and B3 for short. Thiamine or B1 is a key vitamin that plays an important role in converting carbohydrates into energy and control glucose metabolism. A lack of thiamine is known to impact proper functions of nervous system, muscle development and heart health.


6. Dalia’s versatility in daily diet sets it apart as a winner. When cooked in the right way, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Recipes available suggest adding vegetables to make the dish even more delicious and potent. It can even be turned into a sweet dish.

7. Dalia is sometimes mistakenly equated with oats. They are two different cereal grains with different attributes.

8. The human body requires in all 20 amino acids for good health and growth in children. Out of which nine are not synthesized by the body, and so, must get it from the foods you eat. And they are called essential amino acids. Clinical studies confirm the presence of these essential amino acids in dalia.

9. Bloom Wheat Dalia is a 100% tested organic product and hence, free of any chemical residues. Sourced from certified organic farms, it has no additives or preservatives added.

10. Last but not the least. It just tastes great! Dalia has the unique ability to absorb any spice or flavour you add to it and become tasty meal. You don’t even have to cook each day. They retain the flavour and goodness even when kept in a fridge for reserving later.

You want to learn how to make a quick meal? Here’s one!

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