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Coronavirus: Is it telling us something?

These are hard days for most people except perhaps the little ones who like the days off from school. And they don’t know the larger threat that is lurking just outside doors. For the rest of us, it is like living in a horror film. The Covid19 pandemic that is sweeping through much of the globe is unlike any other emergencies in living memory. There is no one or place that the deadly virus has left untouched to date. Beginning in China sometime in November, it has since spread to every corner of the world, taking lives, and perhaps threatening livelihoods for a long time to come.

The tragedy is that we still don’t have all the answers. In fact, we have no weapon against this invisible enemy other than social distancing. No vaccine, no drugs, no therapies have surfaced during the past four months as viable or effective. In the absence of good facts, some wild claims have even been accepted as medicine including cow’s urine and bleach!

The good news is that there are currently hundreds if not thousands of experts working toward finding a solution. As they battle on in their labs, there is further bad news. The virus may be mutating even as they make progress, throwing up further challenges. And yes, specialists have warned that we might not be rid of the coronavirus completely even after emerging from the current lockdown. We must be prepared for its comeback, a second or even a third time.

Weakened Immune System

While all these uncertainties and conspiracy theories swirling around us, there is one thing that seems to be more or less certain. The coronavirus is particularly dangerous to those whose immune systems are either compromised or weak. This is clear from the worldwide mortality rate: a much higher percentage of people in their 70s have succumbed to the disease than younger people. And though many younger people too have died, it’s believed that many of them did have an underlying health issue before being infected. Of course, this doesn’t in anyway suggests that healthy young people are completely safe. Unfortunately, they too can fall victims though in very very small numbers.

 Coronavirus Immunity Boosters

It is clear a vast majority of the deaths have been among the senior citizens or people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or cancer. The human immune system progressively become weaker as we age. That’s why older people are at higher risk of catching a flu leading to more serious consequences while younger people recover quickly. Immunity is also compromised in people with other health condition like diabetes, cancer and any number of other conditions.

Currently, there is quite a bit of information on the potential benefits of vitamin C, D and Zinc in coping with coronaviruses. Though not completely accepted by the wider medical community, many experts have tended to give these supplements a passing grade at least. If there is some truth behind the efficacy of such supplements (and some of them are clinically proven in certain specific health issues), then we can safely conclude a diet, rich in nutrition, while aiding our overall health, will also boost our immune functions. True, coronavirus is a brand-new virus and technically, no one has immunity against this virus. But is a healthier body better poised to fight this scourge once it attacks someone? The answer is likely a resounding ‘yes’.


There is no controversy about how to build a healthier body – exercise, stress reduction, and of course, eating healthy. It’s from the foods we eat that our body gets the nutrition that is then synthesized (including making vitamin C, D and Zinc) and deployed to keep the human body ticking happily. Immunity is just one the many thousands of functions that the body performs, though without it we will be left to the mercy of all the world’s worst viruses.

Switching to Organic

Eating a balanced and nutrition rich diet is one way of delivering to the body what it needs to stay fit and fighting. Unfortunately, much of the staple foods that we regularly consume today are not loaded with all the goodness that they once possessed due to a variety of reasons including modern farming methods. Way before coronavirus showed its ugly face, lay people and experts were already pointing fingers at the modern diet as a culprit behind diminished health outcomes in many societies. Switching to organically grown products has been proposed as an alternative way to fight diseases and stay healthy. There is no better time as now to explore that possibility.

In the meanwhile, stay safe, stay home, and follow the advice from the experts.



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