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Why Do Diabetic People Drink Karela (Bitter Melon) Juice?

Karela (Bitter Gourd/Melon) juice anyone? Don’t know what we are talking about? For any reason, you didn’t catch the trend, don’t panic; there is help. Do you know it’s been accepted as true that herbs, fruits and vegetables are the way to good health and happiness, and not smart phones and torn jeans? Yes, it’s been this way for quite some time. Because, there is so much information in the media on their health benefits, often backed by research studies, that it’s an undeniable fact today and no longer a subject of dispute.

Among the many juices available, Karela (alternately referred to as bitter gourd or melon) is viewed as a lifesaver in many societies for its comprehensive health benefits, especially as a counter to diabetes. It is also a vegetable that has been used in daily dishes and in medicinal preparations for centuries in countries like India and China.

Though you get several varieties of this vegetable in the market, Indian Karela is believed to be the most potent in its actions aiding good health. Karela or Bitter Melon is known for two of its most essential compounds called charantin and momordicin, that are the key compounds known to promote healthy a pancreas which in turn helps support healthy blood sugar levels as well as improve digestive health.

All Bloom herbal juices are organically grown, tested for heavy metal presence and fair trade approved. They are also gluten-free and vegan friendly. Sourced from certified organic farms and processed to meet the highest standards to maintain its inherent qualities, Bloom Organic Karela juices comes in BPA free bottles with detailed
instructions for general consumer.

Some known health benefits of taking Bloom karela juice are:

1. Nutrient rich, it’s especially rich in Vitamin C critical to a strong immune system.

2. Several studies point to its role in reducing blood sugar levels in adults and it’s extensively used to manage diabetes related illnesses in many indigenous populations.

3. Though more research is needed, a recent research at The National Center for Biotechnology Information reported some encouraging results in the ability of karela juice to kill cancer cells in the stomach, colon and lung. 

4. Animal studies have confirmed karela juice’s role in reducing cholesterol. Individuals who take the juice on a regular basis report similar results, a probable reason why it’s been a popular ingredient in ancient medicine.

5. It may even aid in losing weight. Studies have found that regular use of concentrated juice leads to reduced belly fat and body weight.

6. High levels of vitamin A likely benefits vision, and even reduces dark circles. 


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