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Join the South Asian Quest for Good Health


There is an ancient Ayurveda proverb,

When the diet is wrong, the medicine is of no use.
When the diet is correct, the medicine is of no need.

There is no contesting that we are what we eat. The food choices we make not only contribute to our physical health but also significantly feed to our thoughts and emotions, thus, influencing our complete well-being. And not just ancient scriptures of India but wisdom of other world civilizations also emphasize on the importance of purity of food.

More and more health and environmentally conscious Canadians are turning to organic food. And for good reason:

  • Concern over toxic pesticide residue
  • Concern over genetically modified foods
  • Concern over the environment.

For someone who is yet to read up the potential risks on the conventional agriculture, the term Organic looks more like a sales call than an actual product description.

But especially for Canadian immigrants out there, the quest of natural food is quite a complicated one. Perhaps because the countries we come from, the purity of the product was a pre-established fact. All the newly put practices of the organic trade today, were once the only practice to us.

As a child, we have seen our parents buying milk from our local dairy farm. The only concern we had then was added water and not GMOs. We bought our vegetables from the old man who visited door to door and only brought seasonally relevant vegetables.  The only concern we had then was haggling over the price and not pesticides. Our monthly visit with Dads to the ‘local chakki’ to get the freshest wheat ground right in front of our eyes. The pulses and spices too were always bought from the most trusted shopkeepers who sold them in open containers so they could be checked. There was no reason of mistrust then and thus, we are wired to believe that everything is fresh and pure.

Because there is no reason why wouldn’t it be.

Today in the fast world of news and social media, commodities quickly hit the open market and consumer’s eye even quicker. We stand convinced that their products are good and natural and the conventional practices employed in their production are safe for us. There are strict rules in place to regulate the quality of the food. Right?


But not always right.

The term Organic is not to assert the product’s superiority over others but to ensure that the basic function of food is met. The mission is to get back in line with nature and to re-learn what to eat (and what not to eat) in a way that connects you with yourself and the planet.

The good thing is that there are alternatives. And there are open conversations within your community.

So join in as we talk about healthier lifestyles, where goodness of food is not just an option, but the only option. We aim to bring you stories around us that has inspired us to keep doing what we do here at BLOOM. And that is to find healthier and chemical free products that serve the South Asian community in Canada.

 Say Hello. Talk to us. Leave us your thoughts.

Team Bloom


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