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Lunn Desert Salt Pouch 500 g - Winter Harvest Buy One Get One Free


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Mineral Rich Desert Salt - Winter Harvest

From the pristine sand dunes of Rajasthan, India, we bring you an unrefined and mineral-rich desert salt or as the natives call it, Lunn. 

Cultivated from ancient underground waters, Lunn is hand-harvested in a unique and sustainable practice. The Winter Harvest of Lunn salt is renowned for its sparkling white glow, smooth texture, and distinctive robust taste.

About Lunn Salts 
Inspired by purity and simplicity, Lunn Salt raises the bar for innovative excellence. A safer and free-from-microplastics alternative for table and sea salt, Lunn’s naturally grainier texture is at once alluring to touch. It adds an earthy rich flavour to food and balances its character. 

Whether you are cooking an indulgent festive fare or just simple home food, the unrefined, sun-dried Lunn Salt brings food to life. Try it in roasting, stewing, basting, marinating, baking, poaching, sautéing, curing, or sprinkle it on chocolate to add a savoury note. The possibilities are endless for this timeless salt.