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Yupik Organic Ancient Black Rice 1 kg

$12.99 $16.99

INGREDIENTS: Organic black rice.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Organic Ancient Black Rice is a dark, short grain that was once consumed only by emperors and referred to as forbidden rice”. We can understand why emperors regarded black rice in such high esteem! Black rice is a super food and the most nutritional of any rice on the market. In fact, black rice contains as many antioxidants as blueberries! That alone has us incredibly excited to bring you this naturally grown, health boosting Organic Ancient Black Rice!

Black rice may sound exotic, but the grains can be prepared in the traditional boiling method. The color of black rice transforms from a rich, satin black to a deeply set purple. Its flavor profile is comparable to that of whole grain rice: a little firmer, nutty, and complex in taste over white rice. Our Organic Ancient Black Rice adds depth of flavor and a pop of color to rice salads, side dishes, and even desserts!

HEALTH BENEFITS: Let’s get complex! At only 140 calories per serving, high in protein and fiber, Organic Ancient Black Rice has the highest nutritional value of any other rice. Watching your weight or sugar intake? Black rice is a complex carbohydrate that better works to fuel your body longer, without raising your sugar levels. Black rice is also a heart healthy food, since it is high in antioxidants and does not lose its outer layer during the milling process. As a whole grain retaining all of its nutritional value, our Organic Ancient Black Rice is a health-conscious addition to your cupboard.

CULINARY TWIST: Black rice pudding? Yes, please! When we say we could eat rice pudding every day, we mean it! Traditional rice pudding is delicious as is, but we like to turn the volume up on tradition at times. Imagine serving black rice pudding at your next formal dinner party? Take a regular, fairly basic recipe to new depths just by switching
your white rice to black!

ABOUT BLACK RICE: DID YOU KNOW? The artificial food colorings found in foods and drinks, such as soda, could benefit from black rice. The pigment in black rice can extract colors from black to pink, which would make it a natural food coloring!

HOW TO STORE: Keep calm and eat rice! Store Organic Ancient Black Rice in a cool, dry place, and away from sunlight for up to 24 months.