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Bloom Organic Cinnamon Sticks 50 g


Bloom Organic Cinnamon Sticks 50 g

Description: Cinnamon Sticks comes from the family of Cinnamomum and is an ethically sourced hand-selected spice. A natural whole spice and enriched in mineral content. Bloom Organic Cinnamon sticks are free of any chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, additives, preservatives and are non-irradiated. This delicious spice not only delights the taste buds but also acts as a wonderfully invigorating tonic to enliven the body and mind. 

Bloom Guarantee:

We search around the globe for the finest wholesome products which are grown in regions traditionally famous for their distinctive flavour, quality, and taste.

1. Direct Procurement from the Farmer 
2. Complete Traceability to the Farm of Origin 
3. 100% Testing And certification of Every Product 
4. Ethical and Fair-Trade Practices
5. No Chemicals or Pesticides 
6. No Synthetic Fertilizers
7. No Additives or Preservatives
8. No Irradiation
9. Tastes Better