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Yupik Organic Pea Protein Powder 80% 1 Kg

$24.99 $27.99
INGREDIENTS: Organic pea protein powder.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Yupik’s Pea Protein powder is a plant-based
source of protein derived from pea, extracted through an extensive
process. After harvest, peas are dried and grinded into a fine flour, then
mixed with water, fermented, and separated from the fiber and starch. The
paste is then dried and ground into powder.
Throughout the years, this superfood has rapidly gained popularity among
athletes and gym goers, for its health benefits. Just to mention a few,
recent studies have shown that it may support heart health and help
regulate blood sugar levels.
Being gluten-free and dairy-free in its purest form, field experts consider it
as one of the best protein alternatives in case of food allergies, and for
those following vegan, vegetarian, or other special diets.

INSIDE THE SCOOP : a few facts!
Yupik's pea protein powder is:
- Organic Certified
- Dairy free
- Gluten Free
- Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
- It contains 80% protein extracted from the pea

INSIDE THE SCOOP: Go beyond smoothies!
Yupik’s Pea Protein Powder has a mild, pleasant flavour that can easily be
paired with most staples in your pantry, when making smoothies or shakes.
For a natural energy boost ready in no time, combine 1 tsp pea protein
powder with 1 cup veggies, a handful of fresh fruit, 1 tbsp cashew butter or
peanut butter, 1 cup almond milk. You can also mix pea protein powder
with other protein powders, such as brown rice protein powder whose gritty
texture will blend divinely with it – trust us on this!
You can also use it to add a little twist to your baking projects! These easy,
gluten-free energy bars can be a good start! To make 9 serves, in a small
bowl, place 1 cup gluten-free oats and 1 cup pea protein powder, then stir
for a few minutes. In a large bowl, mix 1 cup almond butter, ¼ cup honey, 2
ripe bananas, 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Pour the oat mixture into the
large bowl, stir for a few more minutes and spread the batter onto a pan
greased with cconut oil. Bake in the oven at 350 F for about 30 minutes, let
it cool, cut into pieces and enjoy!

Or else, you can also squeeze pea protein powder into a speedy morning
pick-me-up recipe: coconut chia pancakes! To make 2 pancakes, place 2
tbsp coconut flour, 3 tbsp protein powder, 1/2 tsp baking powder, a pinch of
sea salt, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and 1 tbsp coconut flakes in a bowl, and stir.
Then add 1 egg, and 4 tbsp almond milk to the mixture, and continue to stir
until smooth. Heat a pan coated with coconut oil, pour 2 tbsp of batter and
form pancakes. Cook, flip, cook for a few more minutes and serve! Grab
and go!
Once you are done with these ones, test pea protein powder’s baking
potential in protein-powered muffins, cookies, or cheesecakes: your guests
will be wowed!

BAKING TIPS: the secret to baking success
When baking with protein powder, it is generally recommended to use a 4:1
ratio of flour to protein powder as rule of thumb. Since the powder tends to
absorb the liquid, avoid adding more powder to make it smooth, or else you
may end up with a hard, and compact hockey disk-like dessert! Last but not
least, in order to preserve the protein in the powder, make sure not to
overcook (or burn) your dishes!

ABOUT PEAS: Did you know?
Pea is of the oldest crop in the world. There is evidence that it has been
one of the most important sources of food since the Neolithic period. This
plant can grow in adverse conditions where the soil may be lacking in
sufficient nutrients.

HOW TO STORE: Preserve freshness!
Store in a cool, dry place for up to 18 months.