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Organic Hibiscus Flowers

Rosella Flowers (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) is a very beautiful and unique product with a “wow” factor. The product has 8 fresh flowers dipped in syrup to garnish your Champagne, sparkling wine or beverage and can be used to decorate your pastries, cakes and other desserts, creating a decadent look!


Simply place one of the hand-picked flowers in a Champagne flute; pour the sparkling Champagne and wait with bated breath! Wow! The flower will slowly blossom up and the petals unfurl subtly. As the bubbles settle a delicate bloom will be revealed, making it look exclusive and unique.


To decorate your pastries and cakes, place one of the hand-picked flowers delicately as a topper and watch your creation take on an absolutely delightful appearance, sure to impress your guests!