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Bloom Organic Neem (Indian lilac) Juice 500ml

Bloom Organic Neem (Indian lilac) Juice 500ml

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A powerful supplement in aiding a whole host of health and beauty problems, the impact of Neem has been studied extensively in recent times with positive results. Neem contains 130 different biologically active compounds. From skincare including acne/pimples to its well-known anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity, Neem is an all-in-one champion.  Bloom Organic Neem Juice benefits become visible when taken regularly for a period.

- Ideal to add in smoothies
- Made from organically grown neem plants
- Heavy Metal tested
- Gluten Free
- Vegan friendly

-No sugar or artificial colour added

Weight: 500 mL

Bloom Guarantee:
We search around the globe for the finest wholesome products which are grown in regions traditionally famous for their distinctive flavour, quality, and taste.

1. Direct Procurement from The Farmer 
2. Complete Traceability to The Farm of Origin 
3. 100% Testing and Certification of Every Product 
4. Ethical and Fair-Trade Practices
5. No Chemicals or Pesticides 
6. No Synthetic Fertilizers
7. No Additives or Preservatives
8. No Irradiation


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