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Organic Living May Be One Way To Beat Cancer

  Each day brings us proof of the organic pudding! It is now universally accepted that eating organic is far healthier and safer than going with the cheaper, more widely accepted mainstream fare. We didn’t reach here overnight. The early advocates and converts used to shout from the rooftops about the dangers we were putting ourselves into by ignoring the chemicals, many of them potentially cancer-causing, that came attached with most foods we consumed. Slowly, people began to get the whole picture. The critical mass developed a few years ago and now we have giant-sized grocery chains to small corner health stores, dedicated to serving this segment. Switching to organic may be one way to minimize the risk of cancer today. But the benefits of eating organic is...

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Why Is Jaggery (Gur) Better than White Sugar?

   Jaggery is not yet a household name in the West. But it is in many other parts of the world. In South Asia, Gur (Jaggery) has been in regular use for millennia. In fact, it was the only sweetener known to the local populations before the very white and bright, but apparently harmful, refined sugar was introduced to the subcontinent.  Jaggery is often mistaken for a crude form of sugar. That’s a very unfair comparison and perhaps, modern way of saying that whatever is not refined to a blank white is of lower quality! Jaggery deserves a much better status. From a health point of view, it certainly is a king of sweeteners, and deserves the pride of...

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Biopesticides Help Reduce Harmful Chemicals in Our Diet

  It’s often asked that what do organic farmers use instead of chemical pesticides in order to protect their crops. After all, pests are a reality, and no farm, organic or otherwise, can escape the scourge of hungry insects and pests. The question is also important as an increasing number of consumers have started demanding chemicals free foods. Many governments nowadays encourage their populations to consume more fruits and vegetables. And yet, if those very same ‘healthy’ foods come loaded with harmful, at times, carcinogenic chemicals, how will the new thrust towards healthy diets, convert to better health? In fact, a study conducted by UK’s Economic and Social Research Council, stressed the need to introduce these bioproducts into the food...

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Earn Bloom Loyalty Points on Every Purchase

  REGISTER HERE Bloom Organic Bazaar is happy to announce the launch of the Bloom Loyalty Points system as a mark of our appreciation for our loyal customers. Those who sign up to the program will earn 200 free points immediately and one point on each dollar spent on thereafter. The customers can apply the savings ($5 for every 100 points earned) to further purchases on  We at Bloom believe that a healthy body leading to a healthy mind is the basis to create a more sustainable and equitable world. The natural and organic options available must be not only encouraged but actively promoted to as many people who are committed to this philosophy and even more people...

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Sugar Balance Herbal Juice: A Few Drops A Day for a Healthier You

  One of the most serious conditions that affects people from all over the world is diabetes. Though the level of affliction varies from population to population (like the South Asians are among the segments that is badly hit), there is no one group who can claim freedom from this curse. In fact, in many places it has acquired epidemic proportions, as more and more younger people are getting diagnosed with higher sugar levels.  Before the advent of modern medicine, many societies have relied on these traditional remedies, both to manage it as well as prevent it. Some of them have come to be recognized in our time for impacting beneficially on those suffering from insulin resistance or high blood...

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