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May the Power of Organic Living be with You in 2020!

It’s customary at this time of the year for many people to adopt resolutions that, sadly, most people will not be able to keep for the rest of the year. That’s human nature. We get carried away by other people’s ideas and successes that we want to make ours. But we lack the necessary will to carry it through.  Losing Weight (capital W!) will forever rank as the No.1 wish/resolution of a whole generation fed on industrially manufactured food for a lifetime. And yet, a majority of them look for solutions again from the industrial/corporate sector. Isn’t that contradictory? It would certainly seem so. And yet why do so many fall into this trap time and time again? Again, when...

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Bloom Holiday Shopping Guide!

Most of you are ready for a week of celebration starting this Monday and, in most cases, lasting till the morning after New Year’s Eve. Well, this is as it must be. Nothing like letting all that hair down for a long stint of destressing. After a year of hard work, you’ve earned it. Naturally, this is also the week, most of us drop the rules. The rules of good healthy living that is! It’s also called cheating. There is no need to panic or descend into a guilt trip. The best of us, the most disciplined, do give in to our temptations occasionally. When you do it mindfully, though, you know you have an advantage; it’s like you’re telling...

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6 Benefits of Dal You Perhaps Didn’t Know About!

  Dal Roti is our birthright, some folks from the Indian subcontinent, might shout, evidently having brought up on its taste and aroma. And they wouldn’t be wrong in saying a huge percentage of their growth is attributable to the goodness that lie within dals (a popular term today even among mainstream Canadians to indicate both lentils and beans). Why? Because dal gives you the best form of plant protein and a lot of it. Especially in the poorer communities, where their diet consists of largely vegetarian fare, dals fill in the critical protein gap. Besides being good, dal is also one of the cheapest foods available in stores. Precisely because of its easy availability and widespread use, it is...

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