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6 Benefits of Dal You Perhaps Didn’t Know About!

  Dal Roti is our birthright, some folks from the Indian subcontinent, might shout, evidently having brought up on its taste and aroma. And they wouldn’t be wrong in saying a huge percentage of their growth is attributable to the goodness that lie within dals (a popular term today even among mainstream Canadians to indicate both lentils and beans). Why? Because dal gives you the best form of plant protein and a lot of it. Especially in the poorer communities, where their diet consists of largely vegetarian fare, dals fill in the critical protein gap. Besides being good, dal is also one of the cheapest foods available in stores. Precisely because of its easy availability and widespread use, it is...

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Two Signs that Every Organic Lover Must Know About

These are two logos that are most commonly visible on products that are sold under the ‘organic’ label in North America – Canada Organic and USDA. Consumers who demand pure organic products need to educate themselves on what these logos mean. And the rigorous regime imposed on the producers of organic products before they are allowed to display them on their products.  Let’s start with Canada Organic. This is a certification that is granted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). To quote from the CFIA websites: “Producers of these products must be prepared to demonstrate that organic claims are truthful and not misleading, and that all commodity-specific requirements have been met.” All foods sold in Canada must comply with...

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The Purest Salts That Are Microplastics-free

  Salt adds taste to our life by enhancing the food we eat. It’s almost impossible for us to imagine a world without salt. Unfortunately, the goodness of salt is becoming sullied by the waste we dump into our oceans. And most salt is made from the oceans. A vast majority of common salt comes from the oceans. As our oceans get polluted at an alarming pace, so does the precious salt that we harvest from the sea water. In many instances, salts harvested from the ocean have been found to contain undesirable levels of microplastics. According to research done in 2015 by scientists in South Korea and Greenpeace East Asia, 90% of the table salt consumed in the world were found to be contaminated with...

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