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The Purest Salts That Are Microplastics-free


Salt adds taste to our life by enhancing the food we eat. It’s almost impossible for us to imagine a world without salt. Unfortunately, the goodness of salt is becoming sullied by the waste we dump into our oceans. And most salt is made from the oceans.

A vast majority of common salt comes from the oceans. As our oceans get polluted at an alarming pace, so does the precious salt that we harvest from the sea water. In many instances, salts harvested from the ocean have been found to contain undesirable levels of microplastics. According to research done in 2015 by scientists in South Korea and Greenpeace East Asia, 90% of the table salt consumed in the world were found to be contaminated with microplastics.

It is interesting to note that in the order of its purity, sea salt come in last and rock/desert salts are found to be the least contaminated. 

Eating the right salt, in many cases could mean the difference between life and death. The role of excess salt or too little salt on the human body is by now well-established. Salt is roughly 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Too much sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure and other setbacks like heart disease and stroke. It can also result in calcium depletion.

Since we are bound to ingest a good bit of salt through our daily diet, keeping our sodium intake low is very important. Lunn Desert Salt contains lower levels of sodium when compared to regular salt. Switching to Lunn as your preferred salt will reduce your daily sodium intake and you can expect improved health outcomes in the long term including lowering blood pressure.

Lunn Desert Salt are harvested twice each year. The salt harvested during summer is dried under a very hot sun quickly and has a sun-tanned appearance. The Winter Harvest salt, dried over a longer period, is sparkling white in color.

Lunn Desert Salt is ideal for daily cooking as it not only lends extra flavour to the dishes, but it is also rich in minerals that are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
India’s first Fair Trade Certified salt, Lunn follows an eco-friendly, sustainable model while producing this ‘Salt of the Earth’.



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