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Drinking Fruit Juices Vs. Eating Whole Fruits: The Surprise!


As far as convenience goes, it’s a no brainer. The fruit juices, smoothies/purees win over eating the whole fruits when it comes to convenience. Naturally, there is an exploding market catering to the busy people who are also health conscious. Sorry to prick that balloon a bit. Research studies as illustrated by Dr. Michael Greger M.D, asks some disturbing questions. The scientists looked at what happens to people when they drink plain sugar water/soda, bottled fruit juices or smoothies made at home, versus eating whole fruits. The study’s objective was to discover how the human body processed these forms of consumption, from the point of glucose absorption and insulin response. The findings are especially useful to those fighting to control sugar levels.

Watch the video to learn more.

When people drink sugar water it was observed that in the first hour the sugar levels shoots up only to drop below levels before you started drinking. This encouraged the body to release more fat into the system to compensate. Similar results were observed when drinking apple juice. On the other hand, when you eat slices of apple, the sugar action is moderate and doesn’t lead to a state of what the doctor calls ‘rebound hypoglycemia’.

The rebound plasma/glucose levels noticed in drinking straight juice was only marginally better than drinking the apple smoothie. This finding indicates the critical role that fibre plays in the control and regulation of glucose in the body. The doctors call it the glucose homeostasis. This is likely true of all foods that is stripped of fibre, like rice or wheat. 



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