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Are Hair Colours Safe?

There are only two types of people in the world. Those who dye their hair and those who don’t! Or won’t for whatever reason. Those who don’t might have a logical reason other than the fact they like the shade of hair that god gave them – they maybe worried, rightly so, about its health implications, not just on their hair health, but on their overall health, resulting from long term use of synthetic hair colours.

The health impact of some of the chemicals used in synthetic hair dyes has not been fully understood or studied. There are plenty of products out there in the market that are not thoroughly vetted. Naturally, they cannot be marked as ‘Completely Safe’. 


A Wiser Safer Option

That’s where we Bloom in with safer all-organic alternatives. Cultivator’s Pure Organic hair dyes are certified as pure plant-based with no synthetic dyes or chemicals added. The pigments that shade your hair are all from nature, and they have been used in traditional societies for centuries, even millennia. Hardly will you hear of someone breaking out into an allergic rash or something more serious after using a pure organic product like Cultivator’s.

The stress on pure organic is deliberate. Ever since the organic boom set in about a decade ago, there have been a rush to capitalize on the craze. And in that hurried response, there have been brands and products that have done less than due diligence and claimed organic status. You will see brands on the store shelves that claim “Natural” status but conveniently hides the fact that they are not Certified Pure Organic. You might see a line “Ammonia Free”.

Hmm, what about all the other chemicals that are known to be in synthetic hair dyes? We don’t know enough or we are not told about them. The purity that is guaranteed by Cultivator’s comes from an unbroken and professionally supervised organic supply chain, from the soil to the shelf. 


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