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The 5 Benefits of Fennel Seeds

  The 5 Benefits of Fennel Seeds Fennel seeds are derived from the flowering plant Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare). While it is native to Europe, Fennel has been naturalized all over the world with one of its primary areas of production being in India. Here are 5 health benefits of fennel seeds: ANTI INFLAMMATORY Research shows that regular consumption of fennel seeds can lead to reduction in inflammation in the body. While inflammation is a natural process the body goes through to heal itself, chronic inflammation can lead to various health problems. HEART HEALTH Fennel seeds contain a high content of fiber and dietary fiber has been linked to reduction in risk of heart disease. CANCER-FIGHTING A study conducted in 2015 showed promising results when anethole,...

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Coronavirus: Is it telling us something?

These are hard days for most people except perhaps the little ones who like the days off from school. And they don’t know the larger threat that is lurking just outside doors. For the rest of us, it is like living in a horror film. The Covid19 pandemic that is sweeping through much of the globe is unlike any other emergencies in living memory. There is no one or place that the deadly virus has left untouched to date. Beginning in China sometime in November, it has since spread to every corner of the world, taking lives, and perhaps threatening livelihoods for a long time to come. The tragedy is that we still don’t have all the answers. In fact,...

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How Non-stick Cookware May Lead to Obesity!

  Why is that so many of us struggle to lose weight and yet fail despite doing all the right things that experts tell us to? One answer may be obesogen, an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) that trigger permanent and even transgenerational changes (a claim validated through animal studies) to fat cells. The much admired and the fearless health warrior, Dr. Joseph Mercola, in a recent blog pointed out the dangers of living in a world increasingly being polluted by obesogens. He quotes extensively from latest research that has thrown up some unpleasant facts about these chemicals.  Professor Emeritus Philippa D. Darbre, from the University of Reading, U.K, in her book, “Endocrine Disorders and Human Health,” notes that EDCs increase fat accumulation...

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How Vegetarians Are Saving the Earth!

Who hasn’t heard of climate change by now? The horror scenarios that climate activists have drawn for us are good enough to keep us awake through most nights. The present and the immediate future is one of imminent disaster. The seas are choking, the arctic and the Antarctic ice is melting; floods, earthquakes, and storms will be the new norm and we will all be boiling hot soon…unless we arrest the way we have been spewing our waste into the earth’s atmosphere. The climate scientists and most politicians have been hammering this point home to their electorate for close to a decade now. And while there may be some opposition to the possibility of a dire future some of them...

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Study Finds Soybean Oil Causes Obesity and Diabetes in Mice

  There is scary news out of America, and it has nothing to do with what’s happening with their politics. Let’s jump right into the topic: New research shows that soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but also may adversely impact our brains leading to higher probability of autism, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression. Phew, that’s a truck load of health complications all due to one little bottle of oil. Should we be worried? Isn’t soybean oil a rarity in our diets? How many of us consume this stuff, eh? Well, while it might be true that most of us do not use this as a cooking medium at home, soybean oil is, hold your breath, the...

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