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Lentils Vs. Meat

Going meatless on Mondays but concerned about proteins? Lentils are an excellent vegetarian source of protein. Packed with dietary fiber, lentils are great for managing your cholesterol and blood-sugar.

Lentils also provide good to excellent amounts of important minerals and vitamins - all with virtually no fat. They're brimming with iron too which makes lentils an energy-promoting food for all.


Lentils make a great substitute for meat in a lot of recipes, because they are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Lentils are more nutrient-dense than beef, providing vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber while containing less fat and fewer calories. In fact, gram-for-gram, lentils have more protein than beef.

1. Lentils aid in digestion
2. Lentils promote a healthy heart
3. Lentils stimulate and maintain muscle mass
4. Lentils facilitate weight loss
5. Lentils support a healthier pregnancy


Use about 3/4 cup raw lentils, cooked, in place of a pound of ground beef.

Cook your lentils in unsalted water (or other liquid), otherwise they may not soften.

Lentils are moister. Consider reducing the liquid in your recipe by about 1/4 cup, or add it slowly until you get the right amount.

Lentils will get mushy and disintegrate if cooked for too long, so consider cooking them separately and then adding them at the end.

You may need to punch up the flavoring in your recipe by adding extra spices, salt, and using vegetable broth in place of water.


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